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5. A tiny iron balcony, two wetsuits hanging over the edge to dry, and a surf board leaning diagonally across the tiny window.

6. A protest walks by on the central boulevard, a small group demonstrating against the bailout: “Este rescate? No gracias!” Four tiny old ladies sitting on a bench join in feebly with the chant as it goes by.

7. In the old neighborhood of the city, lined with pintxo bars and restaurants, a group of men and women dressed all in white, with little red bandanas tied around their necks. This traditional dress means they’re going to San Fermin, Pamplona’s famous festival of the running of the bulls, which takes place in a few weeks.

8. Two sets of wet footprints on the black sidewalk, as two dripping wet surfers leave the beach and head home. 7:30 pm.